Character Gallery:
original artwork depicting some of the characters



Duke Phelan's Company
Arbad, quartermaster at Duke's Stronghold
Arñe (Paks's friend, corporal in Duke's Company, Arcolin's cohort, Paks III, K-I)
Arneson, captain blind in one eye hired by Arcolin, (K-I)
Bald Seli, Arcolin's cohort (K-I)
Burek, captain, hired by Arcolin, (K-I)
Cracolnya, Duke's captain, senior, mixed cohort (Paks I-III)
Devlin (sergeant in the Duke's Company, Arcolin's cohort, Paks III) K-I
Dorrin Verrakai, Duke's captain, senior, second cohort, (Paks I-III, K-I)
Hofrin, armsmaster in Aarenis (killed?? Or still with the Company?)
Jandalir Arcolin, Duke's captain, senior, first cohort, (Paks I-III, K-I)
Jenits, Paks's recruit (PaksI-III), temporary sergeant (K-I-II)
Kef (temp corporal, Arcolin's cohort K-I, II)
Kefer (sergeant in the Duke's Company, Dorrin's cohort yr 1-2, Arcolin's yr3, Paks I) Vossik (sergeant in the Duke's Company, Dorrin's cohort, Paks I-III) (KI)
Maia, quartermaster's assistant at Duke's Stronghold (Paks I) with Arcolin (K-I)
Paksenarrion Dorthansdotter (Paks I-III) paladin
Pont, Duke's captain, junior, mixed cohort (Paks I-III)
Selfer, Duke Phelan's senior squire, Paks III, then Dorrin's junior captain, KI-II
Seli (corporal, Arcolin's cohort, yr3 Paks I) (KI?)
Siger, armsmaster (with Phelan from Halveric days--was Halveric sergeant, usually at stronghold but in south for Paks III, goes with Dorrin to Lyonya, P-III, K-I)
Sim "
Stammel (sergeant in the Duke's Company, Arcolin's cohort, Paks I-III) (KI-II)
Suli, first-year, Arcolin's cohort "Stammel's Eyes" (K-I)
Tam ("Tall Tam" or "Tam Hammerfist"), Arcolin's cohort (K-I)
Valichi, Duke's captain, recruit cohort (Paks I-III)
Versin, captain hired by Arcolin, (K-I)

Residents of Duke Phelan's domain
Alwyn Foretson, mayor of Duke's West (K-I)
Donag Kirisson, miller at Duke's West (Paks III)
Heribert Fontaine, mayor of Duke's East (Paks I, III)
Kolya Ministiera, veteran, Duke's East Council (Paks I-III)
Piter, innkeeper in Duke's East (Paks III)
Tam (no surname given) Duke's East Council (Paks III)

Marshals of Gird
Amberion, paladin (Paks II, III)
Donag, Judicar-Marshal of the Fellowship of Gird (expert on Girdish law, chose this route, "the Way of Luap" rather than take promotion to High Marshal. Because Tsaia is nominally Girdish--but tolerant--he is second to the Judicar-General of Tsaia and taxed with ensuring that Tsaian law does not conflict with the Code of Gird.) K-I
High Marshal Connaught, of Fin Panir (Paks II,III)
High Marshal Seklis, of Vérella (Paks II, III)
Marshal Aris, Copwith Grange (Paks III, knighting ceremony)
Marshal Berris, Harway Grange (proper name Thornhedge Grange, Paks III, battle.)
Marshal Doryan (grange not mentioned, Paks III, knighting ceremony)
Marshal Kerrin, Burningmeed Grange, Paks III, Duke's Stronghold section)
Marshal Pelyan, Marshal of large town half-day's walk upriver of Harway (town is older than the border.) (Paks III)
Marshal Sulinarrion, Seameadow Grange (Paks III, from knight ceremony)
Marshal Tamis, Vérella, (K-I)
Marshal Torin, Marshal of Westbells (Paks III)
Marshal Veksin, Vérella, (K-I)
Marshal-General Arianya
Paksenarrion, paladin (Paks I, II, III, KI, KII)

Nobles of Tsaia
Aris Marrakai, Marrakai's 4th son (Paks II, III)
Beclan Mahieran, Knight-Commander of the Order of the Bells (Duke Mahieran's younger brother, another of the prince's uncles.) K I
Beltavin, Dorrin's mother
Camwyn, crown prince's younger brother (early teens in K1)
Count Halar, holds a domain south of Kieri's; his father was a bitter enemy of Kieri's.
Donag Veragsson, Marshal-Judicar
Duke Marrakai (Paks III)
Durlin, next oldest daughter of Jeruvin & Haron
Gallinva, Dorrin's next youngest sister (late thirties.)
Ganarrion Verrakai, second son (nigan) of minor branch of Verrakai, loyal to Crown (Paks III)
Jeruvin Verrakai, Haron Verrakai's wife/widow K I
Juris Marrakai, Kirgan Marrakai (eldest son, heir) Paks III
Lord Sir Ammerlin, commander of Royal Guard contingent with Kieri (Paks III)
Lutervin, oldest son (?) kirgan Verrakai
Luvien, oldest daughter of Haron & Jeruvin
Mikeli Vostan Keriel crown prince of Tsaia, Paks III, K I
Siger, Duke's Company armsmaster (Paks I-III)
Sir Arinalt Konhalt, Training Master of the Order of the Bells (Paks III)
Sir Regnal Kostvan, captain in the Royal Guard, loyal to Crown; third son of Kostvan
Valthan Destvaorn, commander of Royal Guard unit that meets Dorrin at Harway (K I)
Valthan, commander of Royal Guard contingent helping Dorrin K-I

Regency Council, with colors & Marshal Torin's comments
Duke Marrakai (green and red) (Paks III)
Juris, his kirgan-son, the prince's friend
Duke Haron Vasli Verrakai (blue and silver) (hates Phelan, resents Gird)
Lutervin, his kirgan-son--NOT the prince's close friend
Duke Sonder Mahieran (red and silver)
Amrothlin, his kirgan-son, the prince's cousin and friend
Baron Destvaorn (blue and red), bride-bound to Marrakai
Belin, his son, the prince's friend
Count Kostvan (green and blue) loyal to Crown
Manthar, his son, the prince's friend
Duke Serrostin (blue and rose), loyal to crown but a page taken in by Verrakai
Rolyan, his son, the prince's friend (not kirgan)
Clannaeth (yellow and rose) flighty, in M. Torin's opinion
Konhalt (yellow and blue?) Verrakai supporter, signs of evil in his region, but the Order of the Bells Training Master is NOT a Verrakai supporter, though of this family.

Verrakai Domain (children, servants, prisoners, militia, traitors, all K-I)
Astin, footman under Haron Verrakai, K-I,
Bori (child, boy), K-I
Eddes, escort in Vérella
Efla, f, assistant cook
Gani, escort in Vérella
Grull, steward under Haron Verrakai, K-I,
Inder, escort in Vérella
Jaim, m, kitchen helper
Jen (dead man, prisoner) K-I
Jori, escort in Vérella
Mikeli (child, boy) K-I
Mikeli Vadrison, militia, K-I
Perin, escort in Vérella
Restin (child, boy) K-I
Sim (no surname), militia K-I
Tam (dead boy, prisoner) K-I

Others in Tsaia
Arvid Semminson, member of Thieves' Guild (Paks II, III)
Master Oakhallow, Kuakgan near Brewersbridge (Paks II, III)

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Flessinathlin, the Lady of the Ladysforest (or one of her names) Paks III, K-I
"Estilla", Halveric granddaughter, K-I
Aliam Halveric, younger brother of Sier Halveric, Paks I, K-I
Aliam-teenager, Cal's eldest son, Paks III, K-I
Amrothlin, elf who saved Paks in Paks II, and gave his name in Paks III, brother of Kieri's mother and thus Kieri's uncle.. K-I
Belvarin squire (guides Paks into palace, end of Paks III)
Berris, Gyorlan, Challm, Adreath, Signya, Preliath (elves Amrothlin chose to attend midnight Council meeting in Paks III.
Caliam Halveric, Aliam's eldest son, now a eunuch, Paks I & III, K-I
Carlion, armsmaster at palace salle, K-I
Challm, part-elf, Paks III
Estil Halveric, Aliam's wife.
Jonnlith (first name of Lyonyan noblewoman, Paks III, night Council meeting)
Joriam, old man, palace servant in Lyonya, Paks III, K-I
Kieri Artfiel Phelan, once "the Red Duke" and now rightful king of Lyonya
Lord Selvis (landholder between Chaya and Aliam's domain)
Master Tekko (very old royal huntsman, ditto), Paks III, K-I
Orlith, elf instructing Kieri in the taig and elven magic (K-I)
Sarnion (previous king of Lyonya, dc in Paks III)
Serrostin, the former king's older brother, king before him
Sier Belvarin
Sier Carvarsin (K-I
Sier Davonin (f), Erris, KI, middle-aged, taking up fencing
Sier Galvary (old, grey-eyed) Paks III
Sier Halveric (Aliam's older brother, head of family)
Sier Hammarin (very old Lyonyan nobleman, Paks III, ") (also Lord?? Both ways)
Sier Tolmaric (K-I)
Talgan, captain in Halveric's Company (now under Kieri's command), KI, KII

King's Squires
Arian (f) KI)
Astil (m)(KI) (retires in KI
Aulin (f) KI
Berne (m)"
Binir (f) KI
Edrin (m)"
Esceriel (dies in Paks III)
Garrion (m) KI
Garris (Paks III, KI) *eldest of the King's Squires
Kaelith (f) KI
Lieth (f) (Paks III, KI)
Maelis (f) (KI )
Panin (m) "
Suriya (f) (Paks III, KI) *youngest of the King's Squires
Varne (m)"

Lyonya Rangers
Ansuli, ditto, died early in Paks III
Ansuli, met on way to Aliam's, late Paks III
Derya, met on way to Aliam's, Paks III
Giron (ranger Paks served with, Paks III)
Tamar, ditto

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Arianya, Marshal-General of Gird (xref Tsaia)


Asgone, second wife of the king of Pargun, orig. Kostandan
Atonyin, Elis's younger sister
Einar, king's brother who wants the throne KII
Elis of Pargun, king's daughter from first wife
Hafdan, lord who comes to meeting, KII
Hanlin, Asgone's sister KI
Sagon (title of major military commander, regional)
Sargitta, another of Elis's sisters
Torfald, king of Pargun KII


Alured the Black, self-styled Duke of Immer KII
Arneson, captain hired by Arcolin, one-eyed, KI
Burek, captain hired by Arcolin, knows something about Andressat KI, KII
Fenin Kavarthin, Kieri's banker in Valdaire KI
Jeddrin, Count of Andressat KII
Kostin, Kieri's banker in Vonja KI
Paltis, Kieri's factor in Valdaire, KI
The Duke of Fall KII
The Sier of Westland
Versin, captain hired by Arcolin KI

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Merc Companies

Clart Company (cavalry)
Ganarrion's Company (Sofi Ganarrion, commander, Kostandanyan)
Golden Company (Aesil M'dierra, commander, Westmounts) KI
Halveric Company (Aliam Halveric, commander, Lyonya) KI
Plas Group (siege engines)
Sobanai Company (cavalry)
The Blues (small, unmentioned in Paks books, has grown in size in past two years--bad rep as a small company for its treatment of its own people.)
The Duke's Company (colloquially, "Fox's Company", Tsaia) KI
The Free Pikes (polearms company from the Westmounts)
Vladi's Company (Count Vladi ? commander, Pargunese) polearms


Ganlin of Kostandan, king's daughter, niece of Hanlin, in Pargun
Sofi Gannarrion, now connected by marriage to the Duke of Fall

Across Eastern Sea

Baron Sekkady (only name Kieri knew) evil magelord who tormented him

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