Paksenarrion Dorthansdotter--known to everyone in her world as Paks--began her adventures in Sheepfarmer's Daughter, published by Baen Books in 1988. By the end of her story--as she saw it--in Oath of Gold (1989), Paks had grown from a runaway peasant girl to a paladin of Gird, a warrior who had experienced the worst and risen above it, and in the process begun a cascade of changes in her world.

Paks considered herself a follower of Gird...but who was Gird,really? Was the Gird of legend--the farmer-hero who freed people from vicious overlords--a real person? How much of the legend on which an entire religion was based could be true? In Surrender None, Gird emerges as a real person with extraordinary qualities--and very human failings.

Now the adventure continues--because when Paksenarrion found the missing king of Lyonya, she upset lives, realms, and long-laid plans all over the Eight Kingdoms of the North--and the fallout will affect even faraway Old Aare. Closer at hand, the men and women who shaped Paks as a young recruit and mercenary soldier are in their turn changed by what she did--and by her character.


The first collection of short fiction from Paksworld--legends and stories, from out of the distant past and into the future beyond Paladin's Legacy.

Available as POD June, 2015


Excerpts from Oath of Fealty

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